A dedicated IP Address enables SSL. You cannot have one without the other. With a dedicated IP address, you can run more software on your server, open non-standard ports, and perform better with search engines.


Run More Software on Your Server:
Certain programs require a dedicated IP address before they can be set up and used.

Open Non-Standard Ports:
Gain access to additional ports you may need to run special services on that are blocked by shared IPs.
Avoid Negative Impact from Others.
On a dedicated IP, you avoid possible negative action taken against shared IP users should someone on the same server get blocked.

Perform better in Search Engines:
Many people believe that sites with a dedicated IP rank better in search engine results than those on a shared IP.

View your website by IP:This is good for situations where you want to access your site, but your domain name is inaccessible.

Enable SSL on Your Website:
SSL certificats are important if you are collecting sensitive information from users.